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Unlike my other stories, this one is like a prequel in late fall. November 28th, to be exact.

Eli was walking down his street to get some "groceries." At least that was what he said. He was going over to a friend's party without telling his parents the truth.

So at the party, He met all his friends: Cole, Garette, Liam, Jade, Grey, and the others. Grey had ordered them all Chinese for dinner. Grey brought it back as soon as Eli got there.

After the meal, each of them took up a fortune cookie. Everyone's was strange, but they all kept their secrets to themselves. Grey was the kind of personn who belived in superstitious mumbo-jumbo, so he told the group that if they kept the fortunes to themselves, they would come true.

Grey didn't realize he was right.

Eli's fortune was, "The error of your ways will change everyone around you." The lucky numbers were not lucky at all. All multiples of 6.

"Hey, I gotta get goin'. My parents don't know I'm here." And with that everyone said goodbye to Eli, leaving the group at Liam's place.

He picked up some of the groceries, regretting his actions after the fortune. So two weeks went by.

The air was frozen, leaving Eli chilled to the bone. He hurried home, to get into the warmth of his house. He checked his email and saw a new message. All it said was, "Now is the time."

Eli felt a tingle in his foot. He let it go. It got itchy. He still ignored it. When it was at the point of unbearable itchiness, he scratched, and scratched, and scratched. He felt relief, and took his hands away. Eli froze in fear as he saw a group of red scales streaking through his now mainly orange scales on his draconic feet. The scales kept growing up, forcing his epidermis to peel. The streaks seem to represent fire, a common type of dragon. Then he remembered the fortune.

"The error of your ways will change everyone around you."

"I'll change! I promise!" It was too late. It was coming upon everyone at the same time that was in the room when that fortune was read. At least it changed them all into their favorite magical creatures.

"MAKE IT STOP!" His legs were now draconic, but not quadruped. A pain built up in the base of his spine. A tail burst through his jeans. Covered in the same scales. The flooding scales now covered his stomach and chest. These were a gold color, harder, made for damge. Scutes. His shirt ripped off as wings grew in. Golden membrane, red fillers. His arms suffered the same fate as his legs, except remaing somewhat human in structure.

A third lung started to grow in, forcing his chest to grow longer. Filled with a burning power, Eli started to feel some comfort as it was almost over, But his neck extended, preparing him for the most painful part. Horns strated to come out from behind his now finning ears, same colors as his wings. his hair was falling out, revealing an red scales covering his head. His nose sank into his face as it pusehd out, quickly covering in the same scales as the rest of his body.

Now a full anthro dragon, Eli heard a ding from his computer. A new message from the same untrackable email account.

"Come here for your new life (Coordinates)"
One shall make them all fall.

Eli now revealed. Soon more.
Still looking for ideas of OC's. Post a coment. It really helps!
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September 6, 2012
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